Heritage Collection - Tangerine & Vermilion Vase No.2

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Heritage Collection - Tangerine & Vermilion Vase No.2

Tangerine & Vermilion Waisted Vase No.2

The modern vibrant colours of this vase will appeal to a wide range of people who want a totally unique piece of glassware that is both practical and highly decorative.   The orange, yellow and white colours are rolled into the glass at an early stage and cased in a layer of clear glass which is then blown into a mould to form the shape of the vase.  This method of glass blowing has remained the same over the 85 years that glass has been made at Nazeing, and this piece from the Nazeing Glass Heritage Collection now gives glass collectors the chance to own a piece that is traditional in both shape and method of manufacture, but is made from a more environmentally friendly lead free glass.

Height: 185mm
Dia. at rim: 73mm
Dia at widest point: 105mm

Weight: 606g

Handwash only

Supplied in cardboard box, not presentation boxed.