Heritage Collection - Magenta & White Vase No.1

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Heritage Collection - Magenta & White Vase No.1

Magenta & White Waisted Vase No.1

Vibrant colours combined with traditional design that is both decorative and functional make this beautiful piece of glassware a real gem.  Hand blown at Nazeing Glass Works using the same tools and methods that have been used for making glass for centuries, this vase forms part of the Nazeing Heritage Collection, made to commemorate 85 years of glassmaking at Nazeing.

At the opposite end of the scale to mass produced glassware, the colour and shape of the vase demonstrate the art of glassblowing beautifully, and although it would make a superb addition to an art glass collection, this vase is affordable enough to be used in the home or office as either a vase or just a decorative focal point.

Height: 150mm
Dia. at rim:  97mm
Dia at base: 76mm

Weight: 546g

Handwash only

Supplied in cardboard box, not presentation boxed.