A History of Glassmaking in London

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A History of Glassmaking in London
from the earliest times to the present day
2nd Edition 2013
by David C Watts

Softback book, 310pages

Employing a wide knowledge and deep understanding of the glass industry throughout England from the 14th century, Dr Watts has been able to peel back the rich layers of the London trade to the very basis of its medieval foundations.  From the arrival of skilled Venetian glassblowers in the mid 16th century to the immigration  of the artist engravers and cutters from Bohemia in the mid 19th century, London was at the forefront of developments in glassmaking and fashion. This book covers the history of glass, the process involved in making it and the many different glasshouses of London, including the Albert and Southwark Glass Works from which Nazeing Glass developed. The illustrations consist of a variety of maps, ancient and modern, prints, and old and modern photographs.