Taking care of your glassware

Only glassware marked as suitable for dishwasher use should be cleaned in a dishwasher.  This sort of glassware is made from a stonger type of glass that is resistant to abrasive powders and high temperatures.  Other types of glass, in particular cut lead crystal and hand painted glasses, are softer and are likely to become cloudy over a period of time.

An example of glassware suiable for dishasher cleaning.

Crystal glassware should be washed by hand in luke warm soapy water.  Place glasses upright and a short distance apart to avoid chipping the rim.  After washing, dry with a clean soft tissue and handle carefully to prevent damage.

Hand decorated glasses, for example the platinum or glitz ranges, should only ever be washed in warm water with a mild detergent.

Cut lead crystal should be washed by hand

Glass oil lamps & candles should be placed on a solid surface away from draughts and combustible materials.  Candles should not be allowed to burn to the level of the glass as this may cause the glass to crack.  Lamp wicks should be adjusted to no more than 5mm above the holder as too high a wick may result in smoking.  To fill, remove holder and pour lamp oil to within 1cm of the top,  Check for leaks.  Mop excess oil before refitting the holder.  Let wick soak for 10 minutes before lighting.

Do not carry lit lamps or candles.  Never leave lit lamps or candles unattended.  Keep away from children and pets.

Never leave candles unattended

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