Champagne Flutes

Not sure what kind of champagne glass you need? Grouped together here for your convenience are a selection of cut lead crystal, coloured, decorated and dishwasher safe champagne flutes.

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Angela Flute (Single Glass)

Bohemia cut crystal champagne flute - single glass.

200ml capacity

Sold singly as a replacement / extra.

See seperate code for boxes of 6

Part of the Angela range

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Angela Flute (Box of 6)

Bohemia cut crystal champagne flute

200ml capacity

Box of 6.

Part of the Angela range

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Blenheim Lead Crystal Full Cut Champagne Flute (6 Singles)

Blenheim Champagne Crystal Flute 180ml

Hand wash only

6 glasses packed individually in a cardboard box


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Bohemia Crystal Bar Flutes - Box of 4Four champagne flutes

19cl capacity

Box of 4
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SHARD Lead Crystal Flutes (pair)
24% lead crystal

25cm tall (9.75in)
Luxury Gift boxed
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(Code: 9865-0261)
Set of 4 Fizz Champagne Flutes

Set of 4 different colours

25cl glasses

Gift boxed

(Code: 9865-5207)
 Stolze L'Amour Satin Heart Champagne Flutes (pair)A boxed pair of champagne flutes, each with a satin and clear glass heart in the stem.

17.5cl capacity

Wedding/Anniversary/Valentine's gift

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Dartington Drink Champagne Flutes - Box of 6
Dartington Crystal Champagne Flutes

20cl capacity

Dishwasher safe glassware

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Stolzle Ultra Champagne Flutes - Box of Six
Stolzle Ultra Champagne Flutes

18.5cl capacity

Dishwasher safe glassware

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Villeroy & Boch Ovid Champagne Flutes - Box of 4
Villeroy & Boch White Flutes

26cl capacity

Dishwasher safe glassware

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Luigi Bormioli Incanto Champagne Flute - Box of 4
Strong, lead free champagne flutes decorated with a hand cut effect pattern.

20cl capacity

Dishwasher safe glassware

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Dartington High Performance Crystal Flutes - Buy 4 Get 6
Dartington High Performance Crystal Champagne Flutes
Special Offer Box: BUY 4 GET 6

Strong & Tough - Dishwasher Proof
Brilliant Clarity - Shaped for Flavour
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Majestic Cut Crystal Sparkling Wine Flute -  Single glass
A taller stemmed version of the 190ml champagne flute

Single glass only - see separate product code for boxes of six.

Part of the Majestic range

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Royal Scot London - Pair of Cut Crystal Champagne Flutes

Royal Scot Crystal "London" Suite - Champagne Fltes

Pair of hand cut lead crystal glasses in a satin lined box

Each glass 180ml capacity

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(Code: 9815-0015)
Set of 6 Cut Crystal Champagne Futes

Royal Scot Crystal "London" Suite - Champagne Flutes

Set of six hand cut lead crystal flutes in a satin lined box

Each glass 180ml capacity

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(Code: 9865-3643)
Ruby Champagne FluteRuby Champagne Flute

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(Code: 9815-0052)
Royal Scot Highland Champagne Flute (pair)

Pair of cut crystal flutes

Plain box (Not presentation boxed)

Royal Scot Highland range

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Clear Solar Champagne Flutes PairTwo 30cl Champagne Flutes
Gift boxed

Dishwasher safe

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Dartington Sharon Champagne Flutes (Boxed Pair)Part of the classic Sharon collection. 

16cl capacity.

Supplied in gift box
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