Individual Glasses

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Dartington "Gintuition" Gift Set
Set of Dartington Crystal Gin Glasses

Special gift box containing 3 different glasses and booklet.

Ideal gift for a G&T drinker.
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Dartington Just The One Wine Glass
Dartington Crystal Whole Bottle Wine Glass

85cl capacity 

Dishwasher safe glassware

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Dartington Glitz Single Wine Glass - BoxedA single gift boxed crystal wine glass,

Decorated with Swarovski crystals

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Dartington Glitz Single Flute - Gift BoxedA single crystal champagne flute, decorated with Swarovski crystals

Gift Boxed
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Dartington Glitz Single Copa Gin Glass -A single large gift boxed crystal copa gin glass,

Decorated with Swarovski crystals

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Simplicity two piece glass water setGlass water pitcher / jug and tumbler set

For bedside table or desk.

Plain Glass
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Liqueur Lovers Set

Small liqueur decanter with stopper and cut crystal liqueur glass

Presentation Boxed

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Dartington Ultimate Beer GlassA classically designed beer glass shaped especially for beer.

Ideal gift for beer drinker.

Supplied in gift tube packaging.
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Dartington Ultimate Lager GlassThe unusual shape of this lager glass has been designed to enhance the rich aromas and clean taste of any premium lager.

Supplied in gift tube packaging.
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